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  1. Listing Agreement
    Listing Agreement
    This is the contract between the Estate and the Real Estate Broker to sell property. It details the terms that are negotiated with your probate real estate professional. Among other things, the contract denotes the listing price, access to property for showings, whether court confirmation is required for the sale to be completed, commission terms to buying and selling agents, length of time the contract is in force and whether or not the property is to be listed on the MLS listing service to the real estate trade.
  2. Signature Addendum
    Signature Addendum
    This is the State document that discloses the name of the court approved representative for the estate of the deceased property owner, and gives that party the ability to sign documents and carry out the duties to complete the real estate transaction.
  3. Advisory
    This document informs the seller and buyer of their rights and obligations while under contract to buy and sell a home that is in Probate. It details exemptions that the Estate has under California Probate Law, as well as required Disclosures that must be made to the buying party.